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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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devastating. >> i what a mess in wildwood, beaches trashed. now the mayor has a message for beach-goers. well, today is tuesday, may the 31, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. kate and meisha are here keeping an eye on things this morning, katie fehlinger is out today. >> roadways looking good, nice and dry, but i know you said it earlier, pack those sunglasses you'll need them. >> yes, interesting, we'll have maybe some fog delays this morning, part of the area, then some sun glare delays this afternoon which i'll take a sun glare delay any day of the week. sign up for delay let's sign up for sun glare declare. center city still seeing some clouds, and patchy fog, seeing breaks of blue skies in, there as well, and moisture once associated with tropical storm bonnie now moved taught sea we can see godrey ands, get out of here we need weiss err weather back maybe the kind of weather we had over the weaken, just little less humid, not quite as hot. that will sounds like perfection to me. storm scan3 pretty clear,
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temperatures to start your morning, definitely don't need the coat as you head out the door back to work and school after the long weekends, kids do not need the sweatshirt at the bus stop this morning, it is 71 in philadelphia, 68 in atlantic city with dew point nearly to match. that will dew points in the 60s, so when you get in the 56 to 70 degrees range, it is feeling somewhere between steamy and oppressive. means little more pleasant and once the fog and clouds lift out, we have got pretty nice weather all across the area today. up to 87 degrees here in philadelphia, but, we have cooler weather, i'll tell but that coming up in the seven day forecast. >> good morning, kate. so nice to pack away that winter stuff, right? no jackets needed, no maybe heavy sweatshirt, especially not in the morning, nice. i packed away mine this weekend, i can tell you, kick that box down the hallway. see ya later. disable truck here northbound trooper road at audubon road. just take a look what you are looking at, no a lot of
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vehicles. looking okay. new jersey starting to heat up little bit. forty-two freeway northbound at creek road. what you are looking approaching 295. i would say that this is pretty darn heavy, just cracking into the 6:00 hour now. ailment of vehicles, who maybe hung out, busy last night for sure, but the i again today. disable vehicle here, the schuylkill eastbound, near conshohocken, i can tell you been there all morning long, pulled all the way off to the cheryl, light outside now so not going to be any visibility issues with this particular disable vehicle, but just make note that it is out there. also, construction here route 422 westbound between first avenue and trooper, reduced to one lane, nine p.m. to 6:00 a.m. through thursday. >> thanks, updating breaking news, we've been following all morning, home in frankford is a crime scene after attack on woman and her teenage daughter. >> police may have include that could lead them to the suspect. justin finch live near the scene, justin? >> brooke, jim, ongoing
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investigation, just behind us here, the 1900 block of pratt, the house at the center of it all. >> girl raped upstairs, found her mother badly beaten, and police say a suspect was seen running naked from that home overnight. >> pratt street home that was in many ways, a "house of horrors" overnight. >> we believe two crimes were commit in the this house. a sexual assault, 13 year old female, and aggravated as all the at of 38 year old female. >> 911 calls dispatched 15th district officers to the scene, where they met that teen victim. covered in only a blanket, she told police a male family member raped her in her home's basement. >> she gave us a name. and she pointed out where she lived and where it happened. >> police went to knock and got no answer. they saw more once climb to rooftop and peer into second floor window. >> where they saw another feel
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may lake in the second floor front bedroom and the female was bleeding heavily from her face and her head. and there was blood all over the bed. >> the teen's 38 year old mother beaten so badly she was missing teeth, and first responders at first thought she had been shot. barricaded isn't call was made and swat officers went in to rescue her. she was taken to einstein. >> she was bleeding heavily missing several of her team, semi cautious, and was able to talk. >> report of aggravated assault and sexual assault under one roof, a mother and teen daughter are the reported victims at this time. a male family member, perhaps, wanted for both of those crimes of crimes, scene running naked from the home overnight. police are hoping that surveillance cameras in this area may have caught him making that escape. police at this time are awaiting a warrant, to begin processing, special victims on the case this morning.
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live from frankford, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, brooke, back into you. >> home invasion under investigation in delaware county. "eyewitness news" in prospect park, where police say three robbers, armed with a shotgun, broke into a home on the 200 block of lafayette avenue. the homeowner suffered minor injuries during the robbery, no details on what was take glenn investigators are returning to an american legion post in northeast philadelphia. >> looking for the cause after huge fire that gutted the building. four alarm blaze started yesterday afternoon at the legion hall on orthodox street in bridesburg. firefighters got to the scene within minute. veterans and family members were there, firefighter suffered minor wrist injury, everyone in the building escaped unharmed. smoke was so big and the flames, just poof. we pulled up, the windows came out. they had to move us back
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further down from where we were. it was horrible. >> philadelphia fire commissioner adam teal says it took two and a half hours to get the fire under control. >> we could learn today if one of the teenagers charged in the death after delaware student will go on trial as an adult. prosecutors want a family court judge to transfer the case of 16 year old girl to superior court. authorities say amy joyner francis died after a beat nag bathroom, at howard high school of technology. they say the attack aggravated a pre he can is g heart condition. meanwhile in chester reward growing to find the people who have used two dogs, by burning them in a plastic container. dogs found saturday night behind house on west six street. animal welfare group justice rescue is offering $3,000 for information leading to arrest and conviction. >> today pennsylvania's porn gate scandal, solicitor general bruce castor canceled it, working draft report was not comprehensive of the did a
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lean kate orders recalled the review. >> thousands headed to wildwood, memorial day, but left behind a big mess to clean out. officials say they have their hands full, this holiday weekends, with some visitors behaving badly. wildwood's mayor condemned beach-goers who left beer cans, plastic cups, debris, along 15 might stretch along the beach. cbs-3 viewer even shot this cell phone viewer of the mess. >> i'm offering awe free beach, and all i am asking you is to pick up after yourself. can't even do that. >> police chief says several fights broke out this holiday weekends, officers arrested around 40 teenagers. >> now, for a look at newspaper headlines, from across our region, the press of atlantic city reports south jersey transportation authority officials are reviewing security operations at ac international airport, and they have not ruled out bringing in a private firm to handle security. the review comes after several
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incidents in march, when passengers failed to board flights, because the check point was either closed or backed up. there is a feature that sheds life on pediatric stroke in the burlington county times. evesham family is work to go create awareness after their seven year old had stroke two years ago. the family hopes to get the message out to the public, they want healthcare provide tears recognize the signs of stroke, even in pediatric cases, and begin treatment immediately. >> in the intelligent ers, have an hour or two to spare on june 10th? some 65,000 american flags need planting in fall. place dollars in the community park every weaken on evening end close to june, in honor of servicemen and women who lost their lives in battle. >> that's a look at some newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, the villanova wildcats fantastic season just won't end. >> there is another celebration on tap today. it will be tough to top that spectacular parade, but trip to the white house just might,
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right, jim? >> indeed. >> who can forget how the wildcats won the men's college basketball championship on buzzer beater over north carolina? today president obama will personally congratulate coach jay wright and the team. >> good for them. coming up: household cleaners have new labels to help you alcohols the safest products for you and your family limit i'll show you what to look out for. >> plus, outrage grows, endangered gorilla is shot when the little boy dropped to his exhibit. >> looks like a dam or broke, but that's flooding rain, see the aftermath when we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> my head is up, because jim donovan is back in the house today. >> you charmer, you. >> stay with us.
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>> welcome back, incredible video from germany where heavy flooding claimed at least four lives. >> take a look, deluge every water rushed through the street, sweeping cars and debris away. divers even called in to search for people who were reported missing. here is a closer look at some of the aftermath, piles of debris everywhere, you can't tell where the street is even supposed to be. and the out i production plant
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closed because parts of it are under mud and water. >> back if the us, devastating flooding in texas, crews near houston rescued dozens every people monday as rivers consumed land, and homes. storms have dumped 20 inches every rain over the past few days, and bracing for more rain today. >> that's a mess. >> as much as we complains yesterday. >> we did get decent ability of rain, but the flooding generally contained, flew flashflood warnings yesterday morning, and then everything start today move out. many of us actually end upped dollars up with pretty decent memorial day. today even butter. kutztown, beautiful sunrise shot this morning, 62 degrees there right now, it is warm, it is steamy, feels like summer morning, you definitely don't need the jacket, but you will needed sunglasses because we've got mostly sunny afternoon, hard to believe that if you are waking up in margate. here what's it, like at the beach patrol headquarters. ocean right there. can't really see it. dense fog. that will continue through the
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next couple of hours, by about 9:00 a.m. down the shore. and through the delaware beaches, we start to see the fog mix out, giving way to much nicer afternoon. but, all of the clouds and fog caused by again this system finally pushing out to sea, see the big cloud deck here over the shore point, low clouds, fog starting your morning, notice how quickly that's moving on out. then enter period of high pressure, dry conditions, until this next front heads our way. but that's not until friday. that is the next chance after shower or under this earl storm, in our forecast. so today, tomorrow, thursday, looking fantastic, as we transition here, from may into june. but, take a look at may. 6.65 inches now, on the month, makes it the tenth wettest may on record, where we should stop. doesn't look like we will be adding another raindrop to the calendar here today. will turn out beautiful, mostly sunny, once the doing lift out, lowering dew point as well. means humidity will start to lower in the afternoon, feel little more comfortable than the weekend, today mainly clear and mild, eyewitness weather seven day forecast, sunny stretch, seasonable, wednesday, thursday being
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looking great, friday showers, thunderstorm, but the weekends starts out nice before turning bit un settled starting sunday. meisha. >> looking gorgeous, kale, thanks so much. and good morning to all of you at home. looking at 95 south before girard. take a look at how busy this is. far cry from what we were seeing even about 20 minutes ago. so really starting to slow down here, 59 south before girard, looking around cottman, as well, casino every same story. still looking very busy, where we have abandoned vehicle schuylkill eastbound at conshohocken. pretty darn close schuylkill eastbound near conshohocken pulled all the way out to the shoulder, certainly, starting to heat up, as well. then we have some overnight construction here, 959 north, off ramp to cottman, on ramp from princeton avenue, ramp will be closed from eight p.m. to 5:00 a.m. >> this will go on through saturday. also, with this, one lane is block between bridge street and cottman, on 95, as well, because of this construction, make note of that, i'll be tweet that out. downed pole route 168 southbound church, that right shoulder is still blocked.
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jen, jim, brooke, back to you. >> thanks, meisha a outrage grows around the world cincinnati zoo keepers shot and killed a gorilla to save a four year old boy. animal activists, to remember the 17 year old gore ill a as for the child he fell into a moat. officials killed him, rather than tranquilize him, saying it may have agitated him and taken too long. >> a child's live was in danger. and people who question that, or are monday morning quarterbacks, or second guess ers, don't understand that you can't take a risk with a silver back gorilla. >> the zoo says the exhibit barrier is adequate. and officials are looking into ways to improve t on another note there is on line petition with more than 100,000 signatures of people who want the boy's mother it face charges for not looking after her son. >> officials hope to reopen the exhibit by next weekend. >> well, coming up: update on
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the massive wild fire in canada and the bad news 2,000 evacuees just got from officials. >> imagine going to the dentist for cleaning and a dog jumping in your lap? now there is isn't any ordinary dog. it is doctor soft i. we'll show
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>> canada getting ready for phase in return of more than 08,000 people. these people were all forced to evacuate their homes, after
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a wild fire, in for the motorcycle had your. >> i another 2,000 won't be able to go home until at least september. now, officials site environmental contamination, they say, 500 homes and about dozen apartment complexes aren't safe because of toxic ash and debris surrounding the structures. >> we're seen therapy dogs step in a lot of places, hospitalization, airports. >> here is a spot i'm surprised no one thought of before. the dentist office. doctor softee is lab-doodle served as therapy dog for beverly hills dentist, figures, while the dentist works on patient's teeth doctors from soft i hangs out on the patient's lap. the dentist says doctor soft i has calming influence on uneasy patient. >> the attitude of the patient has been changed so it is not a dreaded procedure. they don't want to come to -- actually look forward to it.
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>> gets your mine off of fear. >> doctor soft i has become so popular, patients now have to reserve her in advance. >> oh. >> good for her. >> i love that. >> up next, superstar player, sixers center joel embiid is trying to recruit. >> many of us want to buy the safest household clean ertz, but one ones are the best options are the best. now what to look out for, kate? >> foggy and steamy start to the morning, but we will be clearing out, temperatures in the million 80s again today, sunny stretch on the way, your full forecast when we come
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>> do you ever worry about the economic calls you're exposed to while using cleaning products? what you should be looking to to help finds safest products for you and your family. >> a trip down the household cleaning aisle reveals err ray of fragrances and chemicals. so how do you know which ones are safe? >> contain a lot of hard chemicals, packaging sometimes also influences me. >> the us environmental protection agency is changing that packaging. the epa just unveiled a new federal label, for cleaning products, called safer choice. to help consumers determine which products are using the safest ingredients. the epa says there are currently more than 2,000
6:25 am
products that qualify for the new safer choice label. companies voluntarily smith products for consideration, and the epa examines the ingredients, so consumers don't have to. >> it is about being able to go to the supermarket, and buy products that you can easily see, are the safer choice for you. >> and figuring out exactly what's in the product isn't assisi as checking the bottle. the environmental working group recently reviewed 400 products, and nearly half received poor rating for transparency of ingredients. the epa has little power to remove hazardous chemicals already in the marketplace, so, by alerting customers products that don't contain them, the agency can influence what goes into the products, by changing demand. >> i think it will make it a lot easier to find kind of products that are healthy for me and my family. >> now, the label already on some products, expect to see more products with the label hitting store shelves in the coming months. all right, you guys know, i'm from oklahoma but for some reason the producers keep
6:26 am
making me read this story. the goal end state warriors have completed their sensational come-back against the oklahoma city thunder, it was good. the warriors became the tent nba team to overcome a three-game to one deficit in the post-season. steve kerry led to beat 96 to 88, the warriors face labron james and the cleveland cavaliers in game one of the nba finals thursday night. jim donovan, i say, if you can't dribble a basketball you can't make fun of me for being the fan of the losing team. >> joel embiid is very interested in one of the oklahoma city stars. kevin do your ain't, free agent, and joel tweeted: it is time to recruit durante to the sixers. so far, katie has made no comment. remember, embiid tried to recruit labron james, too. >> i can dribble. not well, but i can dribble. >> i'll see when i can believe it. >> why many adult children are choose to go live home with
6:27 am
mom and dad. >> plus more on the plans for today where donald trump can possibly set the military vets fundraising record straight. >> and star studded event, at the vatican. why george clooney and few other a listers met with the pope. that's coming up next.
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>> get ready for a nice day. >> kate bilo is visiting thus morning, katie little under the weather to let us know how long the pleasant wet letter last, good morning everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. judge don't know the motivation behind eared of the crimes. >> mother found badly beaten,
6:31 am
daughter said she was raped, and a suspect is now on the loose. >> police are looking for three suspect, wanted for home invasion in delaware county. the homeowner suffered minor injuries. >> the smoke was so big, and the flames, just poof, we pulled up, the windows came out. >> investigators are trying to pinpoint what spark a fire at an american legion post in northeast philadelphia. >> we'll learn more this morning from donald trump, on the cash he raised for veterans groups. the group of animal right activists, briefly interrupted a sanders rally in oakland, california. hillary clinton will be back in california, later this week. >> take a look behind me, number of the horses and riders already working out ahead of today's competition. >> january car bear owe at the devon horse show, good stuff. >> today may be beautiful day to check it out, right, kate? >> today will be great day to check it out. a lot of people were sweating this weekend at the devon
6:32 am
horse show, and everywhere else, guys, but today, feels little better. don't get me wrong. still above average. temperatures wise, the humidity lowering just slightly, but once these clouds and some patchy fog starts to lift out, looking at mostly sunny, pleasant tuesday afternoon. moisture area, with heavy rain in the poconos, city, sunday night, then heavy rain pretty much all day yesterday down the shore and through the delaware beaches, finally lifting out, just some clouds in it wack, can't rule out stray sprinkle down the shore today. most every us enjoying really nice afternoon. >> seventy-one still in philadelphia, tell you it is little sticky out here, definately feeling like summer morning, 66 in millville, 68 degrees in atlantic city. the fog doing little bit better down the shore even seeing those visibilities come up a bit. at 4 miles in wildwood, 6-mile visibility in atlantic city, still down with thirds after mile in millville. that's where the fog is at its most dense, at the current
6:33 am
time. your eyewitness weather day planner, again, with the morning fog, lifting out, just warm humid start to the day. seventy-seven, we warm up, the humidity does drop a bit. eighty-one by noon, and 87 by 3:00. tell you how long this sunday i stretch will last, see how the roads are faring on this back to work day with meisha. >> thanks so much, kate. roads are actually looking okay i have to say. >> pushing right around girard, right around cottman, as well, keep my eye on both places this morning, and you can see, certainly starting to heat up. no longer, you have dropped significantly over the past i would say even hour really started to mount, and this is what you are looking at now. so, nine at south at girard, looking very, very busy, give yourself extra time, abandoned vehicle out here, conshohocken, hard to see the traffic flow here, in and around this area, but i will say the schuylkill certainly starting to heat up, as women. this is another area where we had disable vehicle all
6:34 am
morning long. pulled all the way off to the shoulder now you can see some that far traffic flow, slowing down just little bit, again, dropping past little lower than posted speeds in most areas, at this point. we do have accident in and i can tongue old york at twp. line. construction, 59 northbound, off ramp to cottman, and onramp from princeton avenue. ramp closed 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. saturday. back to you. >> thank you, meisha a more on breaking news we've been telling about all morning, police investigating attacks on woman and teenage daughter in their frankford home. happened on the 91900 block of perhaps street. the 13 year old girl told police that a male family member raped her in the home's basement. officers then found her 38 year old mother beaten in a second floor bedroom. she is at einstein medical center. >> meanwhile, a man's walk with his dog tragically mends northeast philadelphia. the 67 year old man died while trying to rescue his dog from pennypack creek. the marine unit pulled the
6:35 am
man's body out of the creek near verree road yesterday morning. police found the victim's dog by his car. dawn holding news conference to address questions about millions of dollars his foundation raised for veterans. hena daniels report the development comes a week ahead of california's primary, where polls show a tightening race between the two democrats. >> donald trump expected to set the record straight today about his fundraising effort on behalf of veterans. >> we just raised almost $6 million for the vet. >> he brushed the issue aside while courting vet in a annual motorcycle event in washington, d.c. sunday. while tearing into his likely democratic opponent, hillary clinton. >> she thinks the va is doing good. if she thinks they're doing a good job, then i've been waste ago lot of time. because i know the vets, and they are miserable with what is happening. >> clinton remains locked in a tight battle in california with rival bernie sands earns,
6:36 am
attended game seven of the western conference finals last night. >> fought back from the brink of elimination, he is hoping for a great come back in the goal end state. >> hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". there is a major shift happening in america. more and more adult children are moving back home instead of living with a spouse or partner. the group is known as boomerang children. >> so what are the factors behind this trend? and how can families manage their leaving situations without going crazy? cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger is live in new york with tips to help you create boundaries. good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> about third of 18 to 34 year old living home with parent that's up 20% from 1960. what's behind this jump in. >> well, basically, tied to few factors. one of them is the post popement of marriage. and then the other is really
6:37 am
changes in the economic and labor market. now, the recession and the weak recovery have fed into this trend, forced many young americans to live at home, if they had trouble finding a job but really this shift started long before the most recent down turn. >> so how can parent and their kids navigate these arrangement, jill? >> communication, par ends need outlying their expectations, so think about this. will your child do housework? crib to groceries and bills? maybe pay rent? all of these factors have to be answered. how long do you think this arrangement will last? for the child, okay, you have got to remind your parents that you behave like an adult and you hope to be treated as such. after both sides openly and honestly discuss the grounds rules, let's revisit this plan in three months, there can be flexibility, but just to make sure you're both on the same page, you may want to put that agreement in writing.
6:38 am
for more on how families can stay civil after the kids return to the nest, you can go to jill on money. com. hey, my friends tried time pose a curfew on her 24 year old daughter. guess how that worked out. >> i bet that didn't go well. however, i advocate paying rent. i did it when i graduated from college. the expectation is you're not going to be a free load their. i didn't have any bob with it, it was a deal, i couldn't get a better apartment and i almost new my two roommate, mom and dad, lived with them tore 20 years. >> if i had to move back home and my mom wanted to make me go on curfew i would judge to be home at 11:00 p.m. sharp every day. i can't tell her no. thanks, jill. >> pope francis hones or three of hollywood's brightest stars. >> george clooney accepted the medal of the olive award for work fighting climate change, war and terrorism. also saw richard gear, selma in the audience. she also got a medal. the celebrities will be
6:39 am
ambassadors for one of the pope's favorite causes, unites student from different lee lidge ons and cultures. well, coming up: the manayunk wall. >> it is no tore just with cyclists, pat gallen decided to find out if it was as bad as everyone says. >> that's no joke. wow. >> he's huffing and puffing, but he does have some expert tips for us. find out if they helped him encounter the wall, though. that's next. hey, jan. >> reporter: brooke, jim, we are coming to you live from the devon horse show that runs through sunday. but coming up next we are checking in on the ponies and horses, say hello to spiderman. high there, buddy. also, talking to one of the young competitors here. stay with us. >> ♪ beautiful day ♪ >> indeed it will be a beautiful day, little foggy,
6:40 am
kate will have all of the forecast when we come back. stay with us.
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>> hey, there one. most popular sporting events in philly rolls along this weekend? and the philadelphia international cycling classic includes one of the hard et cetera stretches in cycling, our pat gallen joins because look at philly's famous manayunk wall. i know it well. it is tough. >> it is tough walking up, but biking, that's another story. when hum at this dumb at this stat son a wall, the huge guy had a big fall. i was hoping the same did not hold true for me as i climbed the manayunk wall, one of the biggest challenge in pro cycling, as the bike race takes over philly this sunday, would i have to be put together again? let's finds out. the manayunk wall. perhaps the most daunting das being in american cycling. and on sunday, riders from across the worlds will lit heff erring street during the philadelphia international cycling classic.
6:44 am
i wanted to see what all of the hype was about. with that, with former world champion cyclist and racing coach joe went he will, who now works for fugi bikes headquartered in northeast philadelphia. >> before we attempt to climb the wall, we practice shifting, we practice standing up on the bike so when the wall gets real steep, you can add some extra power to it. >> so now time for the real deal. >> so i know all of the real good tricks of how to fudge your way up that climb. >> that's what i need. >> all right, good. >> just fake it up the hill. >> carry our momentum from the flat section, get some speed up, we will hit the wall, so we will use those shifting tips to gradually shift into easier gears. here we approach the steep section of the wall. >> oh, man, shift in easier gear, get ready, we need to stands up. >> good job. >> anyone that wants to come out, just get good work out outside the gym, come ride the wall. >> oh, this is tough. >> that's great. having hard timekeeping up with you. good job.
6:45 am
you can sit down, keep the legs moving. >> wow. that's awesome. >> so i did not fall, but full disclosure, i didn't make it completely to the top. i made it about 80% of the way before i called it quit, although, for first go i'm surprised i made it had a far. the bike hemmed, fugi battery powered gear shifter which helped, for the races sunday, they'll do that climb seven times, and they'll travel over 120 miles total which is something i want no part of. >> i have friends that have done that, they say the first is bad enough, when you keep on realizing do you have do it again -- >> specially hot day, steamy, forget about it. one time or almost one time, that was enough. >> thank you, patrick, appreciate t well check this out. annual tradition until the united kick dom. talking about the cheese roll. i could do this one. >> down the hill, not up.
6:46 am
>> hundreds risk breaking a armor leg, racing down the hill for a big wheel of cheese. it attract people from all over the world. >> what? >> yes, yes, good stuff. >> don't you just eat the cheese? >> like chasing the bulls, chasing the cheese n europe they have those interesting things, right, kate? >> big wheel of cheese is the only thing that could get me up the manayunk wall, if they had cheese maybe on top of fries at the top i think i would ride my bike to the top. that's about the only thing that could motivate me. another warm day temperatures above average yet again. it feels like we just catapulted right into mid summer here. check in with eyewitness weather watchers stamping off the steamy morning in the 70s many locations, we start at 72 degrees with john he's in l if, and he's got some fog. he says what a great morning for a walk. get little sweaty out there this morning, maybe dot walk before you take your shower and head out to work. but great morning to be out and about. enjoying some sunshine today. 71 degrees in lawrenceville,
6:47 am
new jersey, check in with peter, 67 degrees, as we move down into south jersey, mullica hill, 67, at john carol's home this morning, just few clouds there. and, looking at upper 60s with dew points to match in delaware. 68 degrees, right here, near wilmington. and one will pop up for me, sally heal any wilmington, 69 degrees, there, and we are looking at pretty decent conditions. we want to show this one photo mary a sent in from south jersey she said morning visitor like a white deer to me, pretty cool siting from our eyewitness weather watcher mary ann this morning. so let's talk about the weather here. nice foggy start to the morning, in the shore point. margate looking a bit fogged over this morning, as we start to get the moisture out to sea the clouds you see right here will be moving out, and we've got nicer weather to talk about through the next couple of days, looking at sunny nice day for you wednesday, temperatures in the low 089's, and then seasonable, upper 70s on thursday, that's where we should be this time of the year. then this front starts to approach. by friday, especially in the
6:48 am
afternoon, few showers and thunderstorm, return to the forecast. as far as today is concerned, again, after the patchy fog, mostly sunny at 87 degrees, tonight mainly clear and mild at 65 degrees, and your eyewitness weather seven day forecast looking great for the next three days, friday, the day to watch for showers and thunderstorms, we will see the unsettled pattern re emerge sunday into monday. but overall, we've got four out of seven really great days on this seven day forecast, as we start the month of june. that's pretty good odds to me. meisha? >> i love that forecast, thanks, kate. yes, this morning, like she pointed out, a lot of fog out there. take a look at the shot right here. disable truck here blue route, pulled all the way off to the shoulder looking okay, yes, certainly fog out there, we know the sun will peak it head little later, schuylkill westbound at city avenue looking very, very busy, take a look at this, complete stop right there. the boulevard leading to up that doesn't look much better. schuylkill at montgomery that you are looking at both directions right around montgomery, certainly looking
6:49 am
busy so we know that this morning, things are heating up. we new we were going to expect that coming offer the holiday weekend, accident here abington, old york road at twp. line road. and also, some overnight construction, take a look at this, route 422 westbound between first avenue and trooper, reduced to one lane, will be reduced nine p.m. to 6:00 a.m. this will be lingering around through thursday. also, some moreover night construction son 95, northbound, the off ramp to cottman, onramp from princeton, ramps closed 8:00 p.m. through 5:00 a.m. >> the time now 6:49. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us live from new york with a preview, good morning. >> reporter: and good morning to you, brooke, and jim. ahead in texas where record flooding has forced dozens every rescues, plus donald trump reveals more details today about his donations to veterans. we run the numbers. also, gawker ceo nick denton in studio 57 in his first network interview since challenging billionaire peter toll to a debate about the
6:50 am
legal battle threatening the existence. and under the metro system where construction honors military barricks nearly 2,000 years old. the news is back in the morning, see in you about ten minute. >> thanks, nor, a we will be watching. >> well, some of the top horse riders in the world are competing at the devon horse show this week. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is live in devon this morning, for the annual tradition, hey, jan. >> reporter: brooke, jim, good morning, we are talking ponies, should look familiar, take a look hine me, in the devon shores show and country fair emblem, that's a a pony and here is one in real life. meet the perfectionist, said we would meet world time champion horse, guess what, i am told that he is not camera ready yet. but this one is, perfectionist, beautiful pony rodney hicks, he's the trainer, who are we looking at? pretty long resume? >> perfectionist there is pony
6:51 am
has been shown for the last five years. he's a two time reserve world champion, world championships in louisville, kentucky. >> and world champion in canada? >> and national champion in canada at the world fair in toronto in november. >> sews thee ponies are the ones with the fangs i high step. is that natural? is that something you train on? >> it is bread into them. we enhance it with training. but it is bread into them. you know, animated breed, what we call it, and you will see baby colt trotting by their mothers in the field picking their feet up, you know, prancing around. so it is definitely bred into them. >> it is beautiful to watch too. >> oh, yes. it is amaze to go watch, i think. >> and the devon shores show, really is a family thing here. talk about family. we have 17 year old competitor, this is danny, rodney's son here. so you are going to be showing the perfectionist, flight. >> yes, yes. >> so chip. this is -- how young did you
6:52 am
start? you're only 17 now. >> couple of years ago. well i was about 12 when we started glowing what got new it. >> well, all of my friends did it, was on the side line watching, but then decided to try it. >> and you have couple it titles yourself don't you? >> yes. >> not to brag but what are they. >> junior exhibitor of the year and america and canada, ya. >> no big deal, no big deal. if you like what you see here you can actually go on the tour of these barnes later on today, and i i want to bring beth wright in, you got to see so much more. what's going on in the next couple of days? >> well, today is family day. so we have specials all throughout the fair. as you can see our fares, still people driver down lancaster avenue, and they see this beautiful just lit up all night. and they come in, and we have traditional fair food, historical sandwiches,
6:53 am
tomorrow one of our highlight, ladies day, hat contest. so the ladies will be in all of their beautiful dresses and their hats. >> a site to see. >> a site to see for sure. then grand prix comes on thursday, and we have big family days all weekend long. >> a little bit of something for everyone, thank you, beth. this runs through sunday, so you've got to come out and check it out. jim, brooke, back to you. >> great stuff. thanks, jan. young boy gets very emotional about talking about the earth. >> through tears and sobs, his heart filled outrage captures millions of hearts around the world. >> (crying). >> they're being so bad. i could just hole them -- >> henry had a little melt down in the car the other day. his back seat rant has been viewed more than 16 million times on facebook and one say he's aspiring environmentalist. >> my teacher showed me and the kids at my school a video,
6:54 am
and the baby eating trash, and i almost cried and that's why i am fired up. >> he's so cute. it is a big job that henry is tackling, already written a book titled enjoy the planet but don't wreck it. it sound like a best seller to me. >> good for him. well, we will be right back with three things you need to know before go. >> it is three to go
6:55 am
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6:58 am
>> another look at what's happening today, three to go. mother and daughter recovering from assault overnight inside their frankford home. the 13 year old tells police a family member raped her. >> a hearing today could decide if delaware teen faces trial as an adult in the death of her classmate. amy joyner francis died after a beating in the bathroom of her wilmington high school. >> presumptive gop nominee donald trump holds news conference to account for millions of dollars, his foundation claims to have raised for veterans. and that's three to go. >> last check on weather and traffic, kate? >> guys, today is turning out pretty nice, warm again, but the humid it dropping just slightly, shear quick look at your eyewitness weather seven day forecast, which is beautiful through thursday. lot of sunshine each day, and slowly those temperatures drop, back to where we should be for late may or early june. friday, 76, that's our next chance for showers, and thunderstorms, and mix every sunday and clouds on saturday.
6:59 am
before we see showers and storms re-appear sunday and mop day, and here is the poconos peak we promised you, looks beautiful, take a look at the lake out, there feeling fantastic in the poconos this morning, meisha. >> oh, looking gorgeous, thanks, kate. all right, well, not too gorgeous on the roadways, take a look at this, 959 south before girard, traveling right around 20 miles per hour and that's on good note. so if you are sitting at home know you have to take 95, give yourself extra time. take a look at this, suing westbound at city avenue very slow, the boulevard southbound pushing up to this, equally as slow, vine closed overnight for construction. >> thank you, meisha, a next on cbs this morning the latest on texas where record flooding have forced dozens every rescues, join us early each day on cbs-3 starting at 4:30. have a great day.
7:00 am
good morning. it is tuesday, may 31st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." rescuers in texas save dozens from deadly flood waters. the water is still rising. donald trump will try today to answer the $6 million question. what happened to the money he says he raised for veterans? plus, gawker founder nick denton is here in studio 57. this will be his first network interview since losing a $140 million judgment to hulk hogan. but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> she's getting very nervous lately. i don't


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